DNR land acquisition stirs some controversy

September 25, 2019

county DSC_0006 (3)
The Newell family and the Minnesota DNR spoke to the board of commissioners on Tuesday, regarding a land acquisition by the DNR.

By Shelly Finzen

The Lincoln County Board of Commission­ers met for their regular meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 17. All board members were present.
A member of the Newell family and Amber Knutson of the Minnesota Depart­ment of Natural Resourc­es spoke to the board re­garding a resolution that would show county sup­port of the DNR purchas­ing the Newell family land for public hunting land. According to discussion, a daycare was being run on the neighboring property, owned by the Persoon family, but the plans to turn the Newell land into public hunting ground caused the daycare to close…

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