Guy Harding retirement resignation submitted to Lincoln County board

November 14, 2019

county DSC_0110
Lincoln County Parks Manager Daryl Schlapkohl spoke to the county board concerning a septic system project at Picnic Point and the electrical upgrades project at Norwegian Creek.

By Shelly Finzen

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners met for their regular meet­ing on Tuesday, Nov. 5. All board members were pres­ent for the meeting.
Environmental Officer Robert Olsen reported that the county’s recycling pro­gram may be in trouble. Ac­cording to Olsen, the recy­cling from the rural drop-off sites has a high garbage contamination. County residents are not using the recycling and garbage bins appropriately and are put­ting trash into the recycling dumpsters. Furthermore, many residents are using garbage bags, which are not recyclable, to contain their recyclable waste and are dumping the garbage bags in the dumpsters with the recycling…

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