Corn and Soybean Growers held annual meeting last Saturday

February 13, 2020

Auctioneer Kevin Swanson gets some help from scholarship winner Jon Lucero.

By Mark Wilmes

The Lincoln County Corn and Soybean Grow­ers Association held its 18th annual meeting on Saturday evening at the Tyler Golf Club. Attend­ees were served a meal of roast beef, chicken and fixings before the meeting came to order. Chairman Tim Jerzak recognized the board of directors, includ­ing vice-chair Pat Jerzak, treasurer Lyle Koopman and secretary Nancy Po­powski. Directors for the past year were Kelly Krog, Mark Dunn, Fran Fier, Andy Deutz, Dennis Jens­en, Jon Johnson, Matthew Schreurs, Ronald Nuese, Tony Dunn, Ron Bun­jer, Brian Fruechte, Joel Schreurs and Bob Worth.

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Auctioneer Joe Weber with RTR graduate Jared Christensen during the scholarship auction.