Carl Petersen

February 27, 2020

obit Carl PetersenApril 27, 1931 – Feb. 17, 2020

Carl Victor Petersen passed away peacefully in Tucson, Arizona on Feb. 17. He was 88 years old.
Carl was born in Tyler on April 27, 1931 to Iver and Mathilda Petersen. Carl’s amazing life spanned ten decades, and was filled with many adventures around the world. Carl was extremely proud of his Danish heritage and as a child he learned to speak both English and Danish. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, where he received a de­gree in Agricultural Engi­neering, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1952 and became a pilot, flying a number of different fixed and rotary wing aircraft. While on active duty in the USMC, he flew missions in Korea during the Korean War. He would go on to serve 21 years in both the active duty and reserved armed forces before re­tiring in 1973 as a LtCol, USMC. Carl was also a farmer, raising dairy cows and crops in Northfield before moving to Dawson with his family in 1971, where he was a plant man­ager at Dawson Mills. In 1978, Carl was hired by the Cooperative League of the USA, an international con­sulting firm that worked with a number of develop­ing countries around the world, helping to advance their agricultural indus­tries. He and his family traveled to New Delhi, In­dia, and over the course of the next four years, Carl worked closely with his Indian colleagues trans­forming that country’s oil seed processing industry. It was his accomplish­ments during this time period that Carl was most proud of. He was also a very accomplished carpen­ter and handyman. There was nothing Carl could not build or fix. After returning to the United States from India in 1983, he spent his remaining working years in Tucson, helping count­less friends remodel and fix their homes before per­manently retiring there.
Carl met his first wife, Marjorie Anne Wray Pe­tersen, a native of Parker, South Dakota, in Tyler, where Marj was a school teacher. They were mar­ried in December 1953, and were together for 41 years, raising four chil­dren together until Marj passed away in 1994. Fol­lowing Marj’s passing, Carl was able to reconnect with his seventh grade teacher from Tyler, Ruth Sorensen Johansen Petersen, who was also widowed. They married in Tucson, Arizo­na in 1995 and were able to share 20 years together before Ruth passed away in 2015.
Carl is survived by his four children—daughter Rebecca (Mark), daughter Vicky, son Richard (Dante), and son Tom (Tammy). He also has six grandchil­dren— Mara (Rebecca), Sarah (Rebecca), Carter (Richard), Quincy (Rich­ard), Isabella (Tom), and Molly (Tom).
Carl never hesitated to lend a hand to friends and neighbors. He was adored by all he met, and loved dearly by many friends and family. He lived a full life and will be missed. Rest in peace Carl.
A memorial service will be held in Tyler this sum­mer.