Equipment and grant funds discussed at county meeting

March 12, 2020

By Shelly Finzen

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners met for their reg­ular meeting on Tuesday, March 3. All commissioners were pres­ent for the meeting.
Lincoln County Environmental Officer Robert Olsen reported to the board that the Lake Benton Lake Improvement District re­ceived an invasive species man­agement grant from the DNR for $7,000. The grant funds are lower than what was received in previous years, but the $7,000 in grant funds will help with the treatments for curly leaf pond­weed (CLP). Olsen said the En­vironmental Department will be on Lake Benton Lake checking the CLP infestation as soon as the ice is off the lake. “We know from ice-fishing reports that the curly leaf is prevalent in the east­ern end of the lake again,” Olsen said. That area was treated last year, but, according to Olsen, it can take several years to bring the infestation of CLP under con­trol due to the number of seeds in the sediment.

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