Helping NextEra Energy Resources help Lincoln County

March 12, 2020

Lake Benton II ribbon cutting & construction event in Ruthton, Minnesota on August 14, 2019.

Photo courtesy of NextEra Energy Resources
Lincoln County residents can help NextEra Energy Resources help Lincoln County by showing support of the proposed wind farm between Lake Benton and Tyler through a variety of methods.

By Shelly Finzen

At the Feb. 26 Lincoln County Commissioners meeting, Danell Hertzig of NextEra Energy Re­sources commented on frus­trations the company is expe­riencing in the planning and development of a new wind energy farm west of Lake Ben­ton. The frustrations involve the regulations and costs associ­ated with adding new power to an existing grid. The potentially excessive costs could delay the project, which would delay the revenue generated for the local economy. Lincoln County resi­dents can help to resolve these problems.
NextEra Energy Resources is a wholesale power generation company that delivers clean, re­newable energy to much of the North American continent. “We develop, construct and operate power projects to produce elec­tricity,” their website explains, “We market electricity to whole­sale customers and invest in critical infrastructure for power delivery. We also offer a variety of energy-related products and services to customers across the country. Equally important, we are dedicated to quality, com­mitted to environmental stew­ardship and care about our com­munities.”

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