RTR grad featured on ESPN segment

June 24, 2020

alex schwing IMG_0851
RTR graduate Alex Schwing was featured in a nationally televised ESPN story last week.

By Mark Wilmes

Many a young sports-mind­ed person over the years has watched their heroes covered on ESPN and dreamed of a day when he or she might show up on the popular sports network. For most, that never moves past the dream stage—especially for a young person growing up in small town America. This week, Alex Schwing is still fumbling through the reality that an ESPN crew showed up in Storm Lake, Iowa—much less that they were there to interview him. Schwing was featured in a story by ESPN’s Elizabeth Merrill on the reopen­ing of high school baseball in Iowa, where the baseball season plays out during the summer months.
“I was actually spending a night with my parents in Lake Benton as I had some doctor ap­pointments to attend at Avera Tyler,” Schwing recalled. “I had to rush back down to Storm Lake to get to baseball practice. On my way home, I noticed an email notification on my smart­watch from someone at ESPN. I just had to check it right away. It was one of their analysts looking to interview me.”

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