RTR School Board moves back to on-site meetings

July 15, 2020

The RTR School Board met in person on Wednesday at the middle school cafeteria in Russell.

By Mark Wilmes

The RTR School Board returned to in-person meetings last Wednesday at the RTR Middle School cafeteria. Attendees had temperatures checked on the way into the meeting and everyone was required to wear a mask. Two mem­bers, Troy Chandler and Tami Nelson, joined by conference call, necessi­tating roll call votes on all actions taken.
R.A. Morton Site Super­visor Michael Beach was on hand to update the board on progress at the new school site.
“We’re prepping the aux and main gym for the concrete floor,” Beach said. “We’ve got block walls that are going up in area A—the fitness room, locker rooms, that sort of thing. We have metal framing in Area B. The ductwork, plumbing and in-wall elec­tric are still going in place in that same area. Over in Area C the joists and deck are finishing up for the second level.”

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